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 1. Role and instruments of monetary policy / by Hans Tietmeyer.1994.Tietmeyer, Hans.
 2. Role and place of external sector in economic equilibrium / Danuta Gotz-Kozierkiewicz.1989.Gotz-Kozierkiewicz, Danuta ( -2012).
 3. Role des cooperatives de production dans le maintien et la creation d'emplois : rapport final [.].1985. 
 4. Role i umiejętności menedżerskie : sekrety sukcesu i kariery / Józef Penc.2005.Penc, Józef (1939-2017).
 5. The role of adult guidance and employment counselling in a changing labour market : Final Report on EUROCOUNSEL : an action research programme on Counselling and long-term unemployment / [compiled by] Glenys Watt.1996.Watt, Glenys.
 6. The role of agricultural taxation and anti-agriculture bias in economic growth / by Alexander H. Sarris.2001.Sarris, Alexander.
 7. The role of agriculture in economic development : a case study of Pakistan / Mahmood Hasan Khan with a foreword by Colin Clark.1966.Khan, Mahmood Hasan (1937- ).
 8. Role of Alternative Trading System in reducing equity gap in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises based on the exaple of NewConnect and m:access2019.Woś, Sonia.
 9. The role of bank balance sheets in monetary policy transmission : evidence from Poland / Mariusz Kapuściński.2016.Kapuściński, Mariusz (ekonomia).
 10. The role of borderlands in united Europe : historical, ethnic and geopolitical problems of borderlands / ed. by Marek Koter and Kristian Heffner.2005.Koter, Marek (1937- ). Red.
 11. The role of borderlands in united Europe : the borderlands and integration processes / ed. by Marek Koter and Marek Sobczyński.2005.Koter, Marek (1937- ). Red.
 12. The role of cities in creating competitive advantages / edited by Marzenna Anna Weresa, Arkadiusz Michał Kowalski.2018.Weresa, Marzenna. Redaktor
 13. Role of consistency between product attributes and buyer's affective state in preference formation2018.Gaczek, Piotr.
 14. The role of consumption structure in reproduction theory and the tableaux economiques of François Quesnay / Katalin Csató ; [transl. Jeno Rácz].1982.Csató, Katalin.
 15. Role of convention bureau in enhancing city competitivenes2017.Piechota, Natalia.
 16. The role of data revisions and disagreement in professional forecasts / Eva A. Arnold.2013.Arnold, Eva (1980- ).
 17. Role of decoupling in the system of CAP financial support. Dilemmas and recommendations2009.Czyżewski, Andrzej (1947- ). Role of decoupling in the system of CAP financial support. Dilemmas and recommendations
 18. The role of demand management policies in reducing unemployment / Charles Bean.1994.Bean, Charles.
 19. The role of economic policy and institutions / edited by Marzenna Anna Weresa.2016.Weresa, Marzenna. Red.
 20. The role of employment and earnings in analyzing levels of living : a general methodology with applications to Malaysia and Thailand / GROOTAERT Christian.1986.Grootaert, Christian.
 21. The role of ethnic minorities in border regions. Vol. 1, Forms of their composition, problems of development and political rights / ed. by Marek Koter and Krystian Heffner ; University of Łódź. Department of Political Geography and Regional Studi2003.Koter, Marek (1937- ). Red.
 22. The role of ethnic minorities in border regions. Vol. 2, Selected problems of ethnic and religious minorities / ed. by Krystian Heffner and Marek Sobczyński ; University of Łódź. Department of Political Geography and Regional Studies, Government2003.Heffner, Krystian (1951- ). Red.
 23. Role of EU funds in rural areas development2010.Kacprzak, Ewa. Red.
 24. The role of export cropping in less developed countries / HILLMAN Jimmye S.1980.Hillman, Jimmye S. (1923- ).
 25. The role of fiscal rules and institutions in shaping budgetary outcomes : workshop organized by the European Commission Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, Brussels, 24 November 2006 / edited by J. Ayuso-i-Casals [et al.].2007.Ayuso-i-Casals Joaquim.
 26. The role of foreign direct investment / ed. by Marzenna A. Weresa.2007.Weresa, Marzenna. Red.
 27. The role of free economic zones in the USSR and Eastern Europe.cop. 1990. 
 28. Role of government in a market economy / ed. Lowell D. Hill.1982.Hill, Lowell D. Ed.
 29. The role of government interference in international commodity trade models / Abbott Philip C.1978.Abbott Philip C.
 30. The role of group action in the industrialization of rural areas / edited by Joseph Klatzmann, Benjamin Y. Ilan, Yair Levi ; introduction by Joseph Almogi.copyright © 1971.Klatzmann, Joseph. Redaktor
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