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 1. Health economics and policy : selected writings by Victor Fuchs / Victor R. Fuchs.copyright © 2018.Fuchs, Victor Robert (1924- ).
 2. Health in restructuring (HIRES) : recommendations, national responses and policy issues in the EU2011.Kieselbach, Thomas (1944- ).
 3. Health insurance : basic actuarial models / Ermanno Pitacco.2014.Pitacco, Ermanno.
 4. Health issues and policies in the developing countries : a background study for world development report, 1980 / prep. by Fredrick Golladay, Bernhard Liese.1980.Golladay, Fredrick L.
 5. Health planning : a systematic approach / HYMAN Hrebert Harvey.1982.HYMAN Hrebert Harvey.
 6. The HEALTH policy agenda : some critical questions / ed. Lewin Marion Ein.1985.Lewin Marion Ein. ed.
 7. Health Population Status in Poland in ... : Report prepared on the basis of Health Interview Survey carried out in ...1997-.Polska. Główny Urząd Statystyczny.
 8. Health problems and policies in the developing countries1980.Golladay, Fredrick L.
 9. Health Statistics : atlas on mortality in the European Union / European Union. Eurostat.2002-.Wspólnoty Europejskie. Urząd Statystyczny.
 10. Health statistics in the Nordic countries 1966-1991 = Helsestatistik for de nordiske lande 1966-1991 / Nordisk Medicinalstatistisk Komité.1991.Nordisk Medicinalstatistisk Komité.
 11. Health Statistics : key data on health / European Commission. Eurostat.2002-.Wspólnoty Europejskie. Urząd Statystyczny.
 12. Health Status of Population in Poland in ... 20141997-.Polska. Główny Urząd Statystyczny.
 13. Health, wealth and housing / ed. by R.A.B. Leaper.cop. 1980.Leaper, Robert Anthony Bernard.
 14. Healthcare management2011.Walshe, Kieran. Red.
 15. Healthcare marketing : nuove strategie per i mercati della salute2015.Pacenti, Giulio Cesare.
 16. Hearing the voice of the market : competitive advantage through creative use of market information / Vincent P. Barabba and Gerald Zaltman.© 1991.Barabba, Vincent P. (1934- ).
 17. Heart of change field guide : tools and tactics for leading change in Your organizationcop. 2008.Cohen, Dan S.
 18. Heart-centered leadership : an invitation to lead from the inside out / by Susan Steinbrecher and Joel B. Bennett.2004.Steinbrecher, Susan.
 19. Heat exchange between man and his surroundings in different kinds of geographical environment1993.Błażejczyk, Krzysztof.
 20. Heaton's Annual : the commercial handbook of Canada and boards of trade register.1908-1924.Heaton's Agency.
 21. Heaton's commercial handbook of Canada 19241908-1924.Heaton's Agency.
 22. Heavy Metal Visual C++ Programming1995.Holzner, Steven.
 23. Heavy Metal Visual C++ / Steve Holzner ; [oprac. wersji pol.: Anna Uss].1995.Holzner, Steven.
 24. Heavy metals in soils polluted by emissions from copper smelters - forms and solubility2002.Karczewska, Anna.
 25. The Heckscher-Ohlin model as an aggregate / NEARY J. Peter.1983.NEARY J. Peter.
 26. Hedge funds and financial market dynamics / by a staff team led by Barry Eichengreen and Donald Mathieson ; with Bankim Chadha [et al.].1998.Eichengreen, Barry J. (1952- ).
 27. Hedging i nowoczesne usługi finansowe / red. nauk. Marian Biegański, Alfred Janc ; Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu.2001.Biegański, Marian. Red.
 28. Hedging : principles, practices, and strategies for the financial markets / KOZIOL Joseph D.1990.KOZIOL Joseph D.
 29. Hedging : sposób na bogactwo czy bankructwo? : Praktyczne lekcje z 23 przypadków, w których hedging zapewnił pomyślność lub podciął skrzydła / Adrian Boczkowski.2011.Boczkowski, Adrian.
 30. Hedging w teorii i praktyce : przykład światowego rynku miedzi / Tomasz Szeląg.2003.Szeląg, Tomasz.
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