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 1. The exchange rate system : lessons of the past and options for the future : a study / by the Research Department.1984.Międzynarodowy Fundusz Walutowy. Research Department.
 2. Exchange rate volatility and world trade : a study / by the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund.1984.Międzynarodowy Fundusz Walutowy. Research Department.
 3. Exchange rates and economic fundamentals : a framework for analysis / Peter Clark [et al.].1994.Clark, Peter Barton (1941- ).
 4. Exchange rates and inflation / Rudiger Dornbusch.1991.Dornbusch, Rudiger (1942-2002).
 5. Exchange rates and international finance / Laurence S. Copeland.2000.Copeland, Laurence S.
 6. Exchange rates and international finance / Laurence S. Copeland.2008.Copeland, Laurence S.
 7. EXCHANGE rates and international macroeconomics / współaut. Frenkel Jacob A.1986.Frenkel, Jacob A. współaut.
 8. Exchange rates, foregin trade accounting and purchasing-power parity for centrally planned economies / WOLF Thomas A.1985.WOLF Thomas A.
 9. Exchange rates in Eastern Europe : types, derivation and application / Jozef M. van Brabant.1985.Brabant, Jozef M. van (1942- ).
 10. Exchange rates, monetary policy and wages : a case study of Chile / VINCENT David.1983.Vincent, David.
 11. Exchange risk, political risk, and macroeconomic equilibrium / by Jonathan Eaton and Stephen J. Turnovsky.1983.Eaton Jonathan.
 12. Exchange-rate determination / Anne O. Krueger.1990.Krueger Osborn, Anne (1934- ).
 13. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) : nowe produkty na rynku funduszy inwestycyjnych / Wioletta Nawrot.2007.Nawrot, Wioletta.
 14. Excise systems : a global study of the selective taxation of goods and services / Sijbren Cnossen.2004.Cnossen, Sijbren (1936- ).
 15. Excuse me, professor : challenging the myths of progressivism2016.Reed, Lawrence W. (1953- ).
 16. Excuses begone!2011.Dyer, Wayne W. (1940-2015).
 17. Executing your strategy : how to break it down and get it done2010.Morgan, Mark (1954- ).
 18. Execution2003.Bossidy, Larry.
 19. Execution premium : linking strategy to operations for competitive advantage2010.Kaplan, Robert S.
 20. Executive behaviour / CARLSON Sune.1991.Carlson, Sune.
 21. Executive coaching: how to choose, use and maximize value for yourself and your team2011.McAdam, Stuart.
 22. Executive coaching : how to hoose, use and maximize value for yourself and your team2013.McAdam, Stuart.
 23. The executive course : what every manager needs to know about the essentials of business / edited by Gayton E. Germane.copyright © 1986.Germane, Gayton E. (1920- ). Redaktor
 24. The executive game / HENSHAW Richard C. ; współaut. Jackson James R[ichard].1990.Henshaw, Richard C.
 25. Executive Information Systems fur Unternehmensfuhrung und Controlling : Strategie, Konzeption, Realisierung / HENNEBOLE Jorg.1995.HENNEBOLE Jorg.
 26. Executive policy and strategic planning / Thomas J. McNichols.cop. 1983.McNichols, Thomas J.
 27. Executive power : use the greatest collection of psychological strategies to create an automatic advantage in any business situation2011.Lieberman, David J.
 28. Executive programs and operating systems1977.Cuttle, G. Red.
 29. Executive Science Update : quarterly newsletter for policy makers / European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.2007-Europejskie Centrum ds. Zapobiegania i Kontroli Chorób.
 30. Executive success : making it in management / ed. Eliza G.C. Collins.1983.Collins, Eliza G. C. Ed.
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